Google Ad Extensions – Improving Your Google AdWords PPC Campaign Results

Previously, I have discussed why Google SEO is an important task to complete prior to undertaking Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaigns. If you were to watch Google AdWords tutorials themselves, they will tell you that where you place in a search result on their system when doing AdWords PPC advertising is a resulting Buy Google Reviews combination of your bid price on a keyword phrase combined with your Quality Score – and this is defined by them as “useful information” to the consumer which means, in essence, how much they like your site and its content.

There is a lot of competition these days to get to Page One on a Google search engine paid search and to get there, you need to both outbid others and Google needs to like your site in relation to the end-user keyword phrase searching being done through their search engine.

As you learn more about using Google AdWords to promote your business, you will also learn about their “Google Ad Extension” features which, if you implement them for your promotional ads, will increase your quality score and will give your site a stronger argument in Google’s eyes for getting to Page One of a Google paid search.

Why will “Google Extensions” help your score? This is due to the fact that by using these extensions, you are helping to target more “relevant search content” for the Google search user – and Google likes that. So, lets dig a little deeper into these extensions and how to use them for your Google AdWords ad placements.

Once you login to the Google AdWords environment and view the initial “Dashboard” screen, You will see on the left side of your screen a menu option titled “Ads and Extensions”. Clicking on that menu option brings you to this section of the Google AdWords system where across the top, you will see three options: Ads, Extensions and More. Click on the Extensions tab.

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