Guide to buying a laptop

This guide to buying a laptop some of the least-known, yet essential information needed to make a great laptop buying guide to help you find the best laptop for the money. The most fundamental aspect to consider for an effective guide to buying a laptop can be…

What do you use your laptop to do? (i.e. What software will you be using?)

However, I’m overextending myself. Laptop computers, in my opinion are larger laptop computers. I believe that anything with more than 12 inches of screen” is a laptopand not a notebook.

Many people are enticed into buying too many features Best Laptop For Nursing Student 2022 with new computers. There are too many features and additional features. We’ll get rid of the most essential pieces and pieces to get only what we require to do our job.

There are three types:

  • Basic programs
  • Mid level programs
  • Power-related programs


Let’s take a look at these.

Basic programs are those that we use day after day. They are usually light and do not put a lot of stress on the system or its components. Nearly every computer available for market today has enough capacity to run these programs.

The programs that are available comprise:


  • web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)
  • office programs (Word, Excel,, etc)
  • email programs
  • Chat programs (Skype, MSN, Google chat, Yahoo! Messenger, etc)
  • simple games in 3D (Pacman Tetris, Pacman, basic 3D games pop the bubble, and other games like that)
  • Music players
  • video players


Every operating system that is standard will include one of these applications following an installation of standard. Windows includes games, and the other programs (excluding MSOffice) and Ubuntu Linux is a simple to install Linux version, has at least one of the. The programs can run on a PC with 1GB of memory or more and any modern processor. A computer that runs these programs will come with a processor that ranges from to an Intel Core processor upward. The sizes of monitors will range from thirteen” – 15″ in dimension.

Mid-level programs begin to cause more damage to the system. Most often, there is multiple programs running simultaneously and will need more memory. Additionally, the programs are less demanding on the system, and will require greater processing power to ensure that they are running smoothly.

The programs that are available comprise:


  • Image editing software (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop)
  • Software for 3D (AutoCAD, 3D Studio)
  • video players (with HD movies)


In most cases, just a little extra memory can make a huge amount of an impact. In reality, 2GB provides more than twice the memory available to programs due to the first gigabyte was used to run the OS. Computers will be equipped with more memory, with the same processors as the ones previously mentioned however with slightly faster speed. Monitors can be as large as 15″ in height and will sport more USB ports as well as firewire ports, and security features such as fingerprint readers and locks.

Power applications draw the most of the system. The vast majority of these programs are essentially 3D games. They require graphics cards, more powerful processors as well as more RAM. They are the most demanding and are mostly used on desktop computers however laptops are able to perform very well.

These games comprise:


  • Quake
  • Unreal
  • Half-life
  • and many others.

The models in this category are likely to have attractive designs on the exterior and may have huge monitors that can reach 19″ in size.

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