Rocking the Right Bling!

We have been wearing accessories since as far back as history can remind us. Each year designers introduce new collections and styles that wow us and send us on shopping sprees. A few years ago Tiffany’s had a huge marketing campaign for their key pendants; one pearl bank they came in various sizes and designs and represented mystery, privilege, and secrecy, and most importantly to us ladies, security. Now we see these beautiful jewels dangling from the necks of ladies all over the world.

Then there are some pieces that simply never go out of style, pearls for instance. When I was much younger and before I owned an authentic strand I remember stringing myself a pair of faux pearls and prancing around like they were the real thing, I have always appreciated the traditional role of this strand. There are some fabulous modern pieces done with pearls, several of my favorites are done by contemporary American designers! Sensational pieces! Jewels don’t have to be pricy, there are fabulous costume pieces that are worthy of any ladies jewelery box. I never pass by the jewelery stands in department stores without peaking around and trying to find a piece to mix into my wardrobe.

Another stone that will never go out of style because they are forever a girl’s best friend are diamonds; these rocks speak for themselves. However if they are not in your budget and engagement isn’t in the near future then stick with your cubic zirconium. These lustrous gems very closely resemble diamonds and their inexpensive price tags are what make them ever so popular.

J’adore Signature Collection for their classic appeal with a modern twist; results are really affordable pieces. The great part about affordable jewerly is you can mix and match it to all your outfits. It is really important to know that you don’t need to break the bank to accessorize; investing too much money on accessories limits your wardrobe. The amount of jewels you have should depend on the various roles you play; corporate environment, hostess at home, evenings out and so on.

Depending on the temperature of your natural color palette certain tones will work better for you. If your skin is cool you should stick with silver, pewter, platinum, white gold or chrome, as these tones create a more harmonious and unified look. If you are all warm then you can easily wear all warm jewelery, such as gold, brass and copper. This can apply to the shade of pearls you get as well, if you are all cool you will want to purchase a crisp ivory strand and if you are overall warm you will want to wear a more creamy tone.

Selecting your accessories should be the last thing we do when we are getting dressed. You want to make sure that when your jewels relate consistently to one another and add a sense of completeness to your outfit. I typically like “breaking the scale” rule when it comes to jewels, I love great statement pieces and typically am drawn to more dramatic and romantic pieces, however it is important that you can integrate all the pieces that you are wearing in an outfit.

Until next time, have fun accessorizing!

Helen MacGillivray, president and founder of Miss Helen’s Image Consulting received professional accreditation from the Sterling Style Academy, an internationally recognized institute in New York City. Miss Helen’s provides quality service to clients who are searching to define their own unique style.



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